ProducT Driven Development

Code Confab is a collaborative partner helping you architect and build products that drive revenue.

We believe business goals come first, tools and processes second. We also believe that customers are more important than the technology. We believe that getting product-market fit before building a deep product or even a robust roadmap ensures that once built, the product will generate sustainable revenue.

We collaborate with you from product strategy to execution on the back end. Our work is strategic, focused on the architecture of the product or integration rather than being project management focused.

Our Work

  • Building products from scratch
  • Integrating newly acquired products with existing ones
  • Orphaned software where the technical lead is no longer involved

Who We Work With

We've done a number of projects which aim to transform and/or shift perception of industry. We love to build software that increases the quality of life for a particular community.


About Code Confab Founders

Lar Van Der Jagt

Lar,  is a co-founder of Code Confab andthe creator of Cloudsnip, which helps companies cut their hosting bills in half. Lar has helped numerous startups and established companies reduce infrastructure complexity and cost while minimizing risk.

In his work, Lar has focused on the intersection between business and technology. Following a stint at renowned Ruby on Rails shop Hashrocket, he worked with well-respected consultancies like Cloud City, Thunderbolt Labs and Bendyworks. 

A full stack, product-oriented software developer and architect, he's been programming professionally for 10 years. His expertise includes: AWS, Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Git, Vim, HTML, CSS.

Some of his past clients include:

  • Loose Cubes
  • ActiveRain
  • MLNP

Lar has been building things on the internet for over half of his life. The other half has mostly been spent in music venues across the country.


    Suzan Bond, Bet On Yourself

    Suzan Bond

    Suzan, is a co-founder of Code Confab and is the creator of Bet On Yourself which teaches independents how to unshackle from freelancing and build a sustainable business. She has worked for herself for 12 years. Suzan writes for the leadership section of Fast Company.

    Some of her current and past clients include:

    Suzan began working in technology during the first dot com boom as the head of project management for an interactive agency. She has worked with large companies like Accenture, AT Kearney, Banana Republic, Deloitte and Touche, and Sears among numerous startups and growing businesses. Suzan has worked as a consultant for the Small Business Development Center and served as a mentor for the Telluride Venture Accelerator.

    She has a BA in Psychology, a MA in American Studies and a MSW in administration and community organizing.