Who we are

Code Confab is not a "shut up and take the money" kind of company. We want to help exceptional people who are working to bring positive change to the world. We see ourselves as a partner helping you build your business. We're not bean counters or hour counters. We're focused on providing value through creative and strategic direction.




Branding + Marketing

Need a little outside marketing perspective? Ready to step off the prescribed path instead working for yourself? While you're focusing on building your product or client work, we can help with critical marketing tasks.


  • Brand Audit + Recommendations
  • Brand DNA
  • Brand Direction  [creative brief, designer selection]
  • Branding & Marketing Coaching
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Plan

Past and current clients: Sandi Metz, exercism,  Kickstart Academy + ZincMade.


Software Development

Rather than moving from idea to build we insert a critical step  in the Product Life Cycle we call Pre-Build. During this phase marketing and development work hand-in-hand to gather customer insights so we build just what's needed and no more.

Our Work:

  • We fit into the gap [between outsourced tech + only in-house]
  • Brings back art when breathing life into ideas
  • Balanced short + long term business w/ technical needs
  • Create architecture to support + be flexible to changing needs of the business model

Past + current clients: Make Love Not Porn, Winafy.