About Code Confab


Lar Van Der Jagt

  • 7 years programming Ruby professionally
  • Full stack, product oriented developer
  • 2 years at Hashrocket, one of the top Ruby on Rails shops
  • Contract work for several other highly respected shops (Cloud City, Thunderbolt Labs, Bendyworks)
  • Experience mentoring, training and hiring teams
  • Expert in Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Git, Vim, HTML, CSS
  • Product & technical consulting for many startups

Lar has been building things on the internet for over half of his life. The other half has mostly been spent in music venues across the country.

Suzan Bond


  • Customer acquisition
  • Recruiting, hiring and managing creative teams
  • Building departments and products

Suzan has built dozens of departments during her career. She is known for building strong functional areas that drive revenue. She has built from the ground up as well as helped turn companies around.

She has worked with brands like Accenture, AT Kearney, Banana Republic, Deloitte and Touche, Sears and Walmart among numerous startups and growing businesses. She began working in technology in the late 90's as the head of Project Management for an interactive agency.